Our family visited friends frequently during the 1930s as we were fortunate enough to own an automobile - also called "the machine".  If you didn't own a machine, you either walked or took the streetcar.

The Martins rarely visited us on the north side as one of our cousins would become ill on the long streetcar ride.  The ride usually took about two hours due to transferring from one streetcar to another and sometimes waiting and waiting for streetcars to arrive at their designated stops.

When we visited the Martin family in Roseland, our family also visited a cousin of Grandma and Tante Anna - Catherine (Katie) Achs [40A] - and her husband John.

The Achs' lived within walking distance from the Martins in Roseland.  Their children were Katie, Ritzie (Maritza) [40B], John, (my godfather) and Emil.   In the Achs family's back yard was a huge cherry tree (which Bob and I loved climbing); Tante Katie Achs made the most delicious cherry pies!

As we got older, I recall that cousin Frank Martin had a friend who owned a rumble-seated Ford.  My brother, Frank, and our cousin Frank and his friends would ride around in that car and have wonderful times.  A rumble-seat car was a car that sat two people in the inside front of the car and two or more passengers squeezed in the "rumble seat" which was on the outside rear of the car.

For several summers, I spent happy times on a week's vacation with my cousins.  I remember Marie and Catherine would treat me to movies and would fuss over me, styling my hair and always making me feel very special. Margaret and Frank spent vacations with the Martins, too, and I remember that Marie and Catherine visited us on the north side for summer vacations.  

1929 - Katie Achs, Grandma holding Mary Ann, Tante Anna [40A]

1929 - Mary Ann with cousin Ritzie (Maritza) Achs.  The Achs family lived in West Pullman near the Martin family.  [40B]